We create poetry in our jewelry We know we carry messages of love From your loved ones to you or from you to yourself We bring endless smiles in small boxes

RegalAvenue is starting out but right from the outset we know that we want to be the leaders in the online jewelry business. We want to get there by being responsible, sustainable, ethical, inclusive, and respectful. We want our customers to experience quality, value, innovation, and design that inspires them.

Pursuit Of Excellence

RegalAvenue is obsessed with the word ‘quality’ and carries out strict quality checks on its products at all levels. We use our expertise and the latest technology for our multi-tiered quality control processes to ensure that our jewelry is impeccable.

RegalAvenue also has technically proficient quality excellence experts. They maintain and enhance the exacting quality standards at RegalAvenue. During manufacturing, we insist on using the latest and most advanced software as well as best-in-class machinery for precision settings. Our jewelry pieces are comparable with the best pieces manufactured by any top brand.

Ethics Policy

Integrity is a core value of RegalAvenue and we are staunchly committed to it.

Integrity in our business is as important as the integrity of our diamonds and of our jewelry. We are committed to ensuring that all our employees as well as communities who are involved in our business, benefit from our safe and responsible business practices. Right from the procurement of diamonds, to the time that our jewelry is delivered to our customer, we are focused on integrity, and ethical business practices.

All Diamonds used in our jewelry are lab-grown diamonds hence they are always conflict free. Each diamond we use is handcrafted with precision. We understand our customers. They buy our jewelry as a symbol of their love and will cherish and wear the jewelry their whole lives. And then these exquisite pieces may pass down to future generations, a story that connects the family history. We understand the love while making these purchases. And that is why, we have selected to work only with lab grown diamonds as these diamonds are created with utmost respect for the mother earth as well as all the living inhabitants they touch along their journey.


We at RegalAvenue are conscious that we create jewelry that will get passed on as family heirlooms for generations. We are therefore careful about the legacy we are creating. We are as much concerned about sustainability as are our customers. Sustainability is paramount in our minds when it comes to how we source our material, how are diamonds are grown and polished, how our jewelry is manufactured and how our operations impact the people and communities and the planet. We have direct control over most of the processes in the business and a direct oversight on manufacturing. Regal Avenue understands the need for sustainability and as a responsible corporate citizen of the world, encourage customers to ask these questions. We in turn are committed to share our plans with our stakeholders and inform them how Regal Avenue is working to meet its goals for its business and the planet.

Green Earth

We are committed to leaving the earth as green as we got it, greener. We ensure that all our partners in our chain are as committed to protecting the environment as we are. We look at our inheritance of this earth not as an entitlement but as a responsibility.

Saving Energy

One of the biggest contributors to the degradation of the air we breathe is the energy mix that we use. The more fossil fuels we burn the more carbon dioxide is generated which adds to the greenhouse effect. We are continuously looking at reducing our energy needs by bringing in more efficiency in our operations.

Our Employees and partners

RegalAvenue is a sum of its employees and its partners. We prioritize in building and nurturing a culture of excellence. We value diversity and inclusion and support equal opportunities for all.