What should be my budget for an engagement ring?

As a general rule, it's been said that your spending plan should be equivalent to around two to three months of your salary. We think there shouldn't be any restrictions or limits on the budget you establish as each individual has his own spending habits and criteria. It's crucial that you set a budget that you are comfortable with without burdening yourself too much.

What kind of ring would my partner like and appreciate?

You know your partner best. We suggest that based on personality and lifestyle you should choose what would be the best fit. You can choose anything which is classic and timeless or something that is modern and contemporary with a minimalist look. We have some vintage designs as well which always look regal and elegant..

I have seen a ring I love, can I get something made on those lines?

Sure, we have a custom design service that lets you design your own ring which would reflect the real you. We would be happy to take you through the process of designing and creating a special ring.

Should I be buying an engagement ring or a wedding ring?

We have separately cataloged the engagement and wedding rings for this specific reason. We suggest for proposing you should ideally consider and choose a ring from our engagement rings category. For your marriage, you may want to choose from our wedding ring collection.

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