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Lifetime Warranty

Our jewelry is of the highest quality, and we are confident that you would be proud of it but there may a stray chance that you may find some shortcomings in our product quality. Keeping such rare cases in mind, we offer a complimentary lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws.

The lifetime warranty does not apply to repairs that are not regarded as manufacturing flaws. The cost of these repairs will be quoted to the customer for approval.

The following are a few instances of typical jewelry problems that are not considered as manufacturing defects:

• The tarnishing of precious metals brought on by substances, cosmetics, swimming in pools and hot baths, or bathing.
• Prongs, which are made of precious metals, corrode with time, and may need restoration work due to normal wear.
• A gemstone falling out because of prongs catching, deteriorating, or bending over time because of regular wear and tear or other damage.
• Gemstone falling out due to wear and tear.