The Complete Guide to Buying a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

The Complete Guide to Buying a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

When it comes to proposing marriage, engagement rings often take center stage. The allure of diamonds has captivated us for many generations. There are many types of engagement rings that you can choose from. A hidden halo engagement ring and a hidden halo oval engagement ring are some of the most alluring designs. 

Most people opt for them when choosing an engagement ring. In this blog, we will take a deep look at the world of unique engagement rings. We will be exploring the hidden halo engagement ring and oval engagement ring with hidden halo. 

More About the Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring is one of the most stunning and innovative design variations. It is a design variant of the classic Halo Engagement Ring. In this engagement ring style, the small accent diamonds or gemstones encircle the center stone.

The underside or hidden side of the engagement ring's setting holds them. The metal fixes and situates these accent stones. This enhances the brilliance and the size of the central gemstone. It, in turn, creates a unique and elegant look. 

Key Features of A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Hidden Accent Gems

The primary characteristic of a hidden halo ring is that it contains smaller gemstones or diamonds. Typically, a diamond is placed under the central stone. This arrangement of gemstones creates the illusion of a larger and more brilliant center stone.

It is perfect for those who want a bigger gemstone for a cheaper rate. And if you want an even cheaper ring, opt for lab-grown diamonds.

Improved Brilliance of the Ring

The positioning of the accent stones and the central gem is perfect. Thus, the ring achieves an improved level of sparkle and brilliance. When light enters the central gemstone, it reflects off the hidden diamonds. This, in turn, creates a dazzling effect.

If you want a sparkling ring with great brilliance, you should opt for this type of gemstone setting. If you are someone who wants a simple engagement ring, this is not the ring design for you.

Clean and Streamlined Look

If you view this ring from the top, it will often appear sleek and minimalist. The focus will only go on the central gem. The hidden accents thus add an element of surprise and sophistication.

Versatility of the Hidden Halo Ring

These rings are quite versatile. You can pair a variety of gemstones with this. This includes round, oval, cushion, and other gemstone shapes. This type of flexibility allows couples to choose a design that suits the preferences of the wearer. 

Illusion of the Size

One of the best features of the hidden halo ring is that the center stone appears bigger than it is. This is due to the fact that this ring has other smaller accent stones. These accent stones underneath the central gemstone create the illusion of a larger gem.

This makes it a great choice for those who are looking for a relatively larger gemstone. And for those who do not want to pay a huge price. 

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings offer a perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. They are ideal for individuals who appreciate the brilliance of a halo design. People who desire a subtle and contemporary appearance should opt for this ring. You can opt for a classic diamond or go for a colorful gemstone as the central stone.  

About the Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring

A Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring is a type of ring that features an oval gemstone, typically a diamond. The oval engagement ring with hidden halo is a captivating variation of the classic oval engagement ring.

However, it features a hidden halo setting. In this setting, the oval gemstone takes center stage. Small accent diamonds on the hidden side of the ring. Usually, people also opt for gemstones other than diamonds for a contemporary look. 

These hidden accent stones encircle the oval gemstone that takes center stage. This, in turn, enhances the brilliance of this unique engagement ring. It creates a unique, elegant, and sparkling effect.

The hidden halo oval engagement ring is similar to the hidden halo oval engagement ring. The only difference is in the center stone. In the hidden halo oval engagement ring, the center stone is an oval diamond. However, these rings feature a normal round-cut gemstone. 

Features of the Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring

Hidden Accent Ring

The hidden halo oval engagement ring features hidden halo gemstones. These stones hide from the naked eye when placed under the center oval stone. These stones reflect more light, leading to increased and improved brilliance. It is perhaps the best feature of the hidden halo oval engagement ring. 

Enhanced Brilliance

The hidden halo oval engagement ring features multiple gemstones. Apart from the centerpiece, there are several other tiny gemstones set in the ring. These gemstones create a halo effect.

It leads to enhanced sparkle and brilliance. You can also opt for lab-grown diamonds for your ring. This will significantly drop the price of your engagement ring. 

Choice of Gemstone

In the hidden halo oval engagement rings, you can opt for a variety of gemstones. People usually opt for a diamond, specifically a lab-grown diamond. However, you can also opt for popular gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Oval engagement rings generally feature gemstones like opal and rubies. 

Choice of Metal

For your hidden halo ring, you can opt for several metals. White gold is the popular choice of couples. However, you can also opt for platinum and other variations of gold.

This ring also uses rose gold and yellow gold in its making. You can choose a metal that suits your skin tone. Alternatively, jewelers use metals like titanium and silver to make these hidden halo engagement rings. 


Hidden Halo engagement rings are catching on with the current industry trend. Couples are opting for this unique design more and more nowadays. Their brilliance and allure are second to none. And the contemporary design of these rings makes it a more popular option. 

If you want something unique and special, you can opt for this style for your engagement ring. Also, if you are on a budget, you can buy a hidden halo ring. Something that features lab-grown diamonds and an uncommon metal. 

Frequently Asked Questions:(FAQ)

1.What does an engagement ring's concealed halo mean?

Hidden Halo on an engagement ring is a type of setting. In this setting, we use several miniature diamonds or gemstones. They position themselves in a way that conceals them from the naked eye. The big central stone features these small gemstones surrounding it.

This design is one of the most popular styles in the diamond jewelry industry. These rings are popular choices for couples who want a diamond of a greater carat. It provides a unique and dazzling twist on their engagement ring. 

2.Should you choose an engagement ring with a hidden halo?

Whether you should buy a normal simple engagement ring or a hidden halo engagement ring depends on your personal preference. If you are short on budget but want a big diamond, you can opt for a hidden halo engagement ring.

This type of ring design gives the illusion of having a bigger diamond. It is due to the brilliance and sparkle that the ring offers. It is also a unique and contemporary style.

So, you should definitely opt for this type of diamond ring. But only if you want something classy and unique for your special occasion.

3.Should you invest in hidden halo engagement rings?

These rings offer brilliance and allure that is second to none. These rings possess several miniature diamonds apart from a big central gemstone. It also gives the illusion of a larger diamond.

So, these rings are definitely worth it. However, it all depends on the personal preference of the wearer. Not everyone wants an alluring and brilliant gemstone. Some couples also prefer simple engagement rings with minuscule designs.

4.What defines an oval halo from a hidden halo?

Hidden halo rings feature a central gemstone that is surrounded by smaller diamonds. Generally, the centerpiece is a round-cut diamond. Whereas when it comes to the oval halo ring, the center stone is an oval diamond.

The oval halo ring also features a center stone that is surrounded by gemstones. However, when it comes to oval halo rings, the accent stones that surround them are not hidden. Oval halo rings are more popular than normal hidden halo rings or hidden halo oval rings.